1 Million Prive by Paco Rabanne Cologne Review

Today, I want to cover another entry from Paco Rabanne. This time it is a new take on the 1 Million name, entitled, Prive. Prive was released last year and as a flanker, retains some of the original elements of One Million, just taken in a slightly different direction. As usual, I’ll cover how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not I think it is worth a purchase.



Notes include: tonka bean, apple, cinnamon, myrrh, mandarin orange, tobacco

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Prive is a flanker fragrance to the wildly popular original, 1 Million cologne. I actually really like 1 Million, so I was excited to see how they changed things up with Prive. Immediately, I really like this stuff. The cinnamon note is stronger than the original and blends with the apple to give it a sweetness that isn’t as candy-like as 1 Million. 1 Million tends to have that grape bubble gum opening and Prive is cinnamon applesauce at the start, in my mind. Prive is darker and feels more mature than the original, though. Then, there is that lingering bit of citrus provided by the Mandarin.

Prive feels like Paco Rabanne took elements of the original and then bolted on other ingredients from Armani Code Profumo and added some myrrh and tobacco to round things out. The tonka, apple, and mandarin are all notes that Prive has in common with Code Profumo, which makes these two scents seem related. I love Code Profumo and really enjoy 1 Million, so Prive was right up my alley. The tonka give it that similar ‘creamy vanilla’ aroma that is present with Code Profumo.

As it dries down, Prive becomes much more of a cinnamon spice and sweet tobacco blend that is really quite lovely.

Projection wise, Prive does a great job. I will say, that it isn’t as heavy and intense as the original 1 Million, but it is well above average in this regard. It’s not a scent that requires much in the way of spraying to be effective. Longevity, it is very long lasting, 9-10 hours appears to be the norm. Prive isn’t as good of a performer as the original but it is damn good.

I like this scent for colder weather, not sure how it’ll hold up in the heat, but I think it’d be out of place. I could see wearing this scent casually at the office or school BUT I think it’s made for the night life. Prive is a excellent selection for dates or just hitting up the bar scene. It seems like an attention getter.

Overall, would I recommend 1 Million Prive? Yes, I like it a whole lot. Code Profumo and 1 Million were two of my most used scents over the winter, along with Man in Black. Seeing how much similarities it shares with the first two, it’s hard for me not to like it. If you don’t like warm, sweet, cold weather fragrances…then you might want to skip this cologne. However, I think this is another hit from Paco Rabanne, and might actually become my favorite from this designer.