1 Million vs Invictus by Paco Rabanne Cologne Comparison

In my latest installment of cologne comparisons, I want to once again compare something against 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. This time I want to pit it against one from its own design house, Invictus. In this post, I want to break down each scent and explain how I think each smells, performs, when they should be worn, and which scent is better overall.



1 Million Tale of the Tape

Notes include: Mint, Grapefruit, Rose, Patchouli, Amber, Cinnamon, White woods, Blond leather, Blood orange, Spice notes

1 million

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Invictus Tale of the Tape

Notes include: grapefruit, sea notes, mandarin orange, bay leaf, jasmine


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You’ll notice that these two fragrances have grapefruit and orange notes in common. In fact, the opening aromas of these scents have a very similar feel to one another. They both tend to have that sort of grape candy/bubblegum smell at first before morphing into something else. Invictus has a decidedly aquatic fragrance to it while 1 Million has a more leathery smell. I think 1 Million is the better starter though.

Edge: 1 Million



Both 1 Million and Invictus have very good projection. These are strong scents and it has always made me laugh that an ‘Intense’ version of 1 Million exists. Invictus starts out strong and then weakens quite a bit. 1 Million is an absolute beast throughout.

Edge: 1 Million



Again, Paco Rabanne definitely knows how to make performers. I get all day wear from 1 Million, like 10+ hours. Invictus is no slouch and delivers around 6-7 hours and sometimes more of wear before it’s gone.

Edge: 1 Million



I like either one of these as a nighttime fragrance. I’m not really sold on them for office wear, it’d be acceptable if you only wore a spray. These both seem to be more youthful fragrances (20s and 30s) and Invictus feels like a ‘younger’ cologne than 1 Million does. Invictus is a better summertime cologne than is 1 Million. However, I’ll still wear 1 Million at night during the summer and I feel it’s better in the winter and fall as well.

Edge: 1 Million


Overall Scent

1 Million is a sweet scent. Invictus is even sweeter. While they do share similarities upon opening, these two colognes diverge after that. Invictus becomes more aquatic and takes on a really fresh and clean smell with a slight woodsy base. 1 Million is sweet and warm with a leathery/cinnamon blend that I really like. Honestly, I like both of these scents but 1 Million just fits better for me. It might be the case for you, that you would prefer the sweet, citrusy, and aquatic flavor of Invictus and if that sounds like you…probably go with that.

Winner: 1 Million