Dolce & Gabbana 21 Le Fou Cologne Review

Dolce & Gabbana is a great Italian design house, especially when it comes to fragrances for both men and women. I really enjoy The One by D&G, as it has an absolutely wonderful smell, even if it doesn’t last quite as long as one would hope. As a part of the recent batch of sample size colognes I purchased from, I picked up a D&G fragrance which I was not at all familiar with and so was excited to try out. It is called 21 Le Fou and was introduced by D&G in 2011.

I had no expectations of 21 Le Fou before I got it and frankly only bought it on the strength of the Dolce & Gabbana name. I didn’t check the notes which made up this fragrance nor did I check to see what category of scent it could be placed under, so I was going into this sort of blind.


21 Le Fou’s Notes:

Bergamot, cognac, violet, coriander, and juniper

When I first sprayed 21 Le Fou from the tester, I immediately noticed its warmth and spice. It reminded me somewhat of YSL’s wonderful Opium for Men, in that respect, with its oriental spice and smooth aroma that is similar to a vanilla. Le Fou, however, is a different fragrance from Opium, especially once it settles down. It is a really great blend of spice, florals, and greens. The cognac gives this fragrance its warmth and I think that it would work beautifully in late Autumn or Winter.

I wore it to work yesterday, in order to see how it would perform over a long day. 21 Le Fou held up and didn’t fade noticeably at all during work hours. This cologne isn’t heavy, rather, it is a light fragrance that seems to linger in the air but never overwhelms the senses. It’s there and it’s noticeable but it is as if it is simply ambient or a part of the fabric of daily life.

Out of the five new testers that I bought I would rank 21 Le Fou as my second favorite behind Gucci Guilty Black. However, they are both completely different fragrances, so having both in your rotation wouldn’t be repetitive. Guilty Black is a bolder scent while 21 Le Fou is also sexy, just in its subtlety.

I think that 21 Le Fou is a great addition to D&G’s line of fragrances. It is classy, sophisticated, and sensual without being overbearing. It is a fragrance that seems as though it could work very well in an array of different settings and for guys who want to be low key with their cologne choices.