212 VIP by Carolina Herrera Men’s Cologne Review

Maybe I just haven’t been paying enough attention but I think that Carolina Herrera fragrances are criminally underrated. I have yet to come across a scent from this house that I didn’t at least like a bit. There aren’t too many designers that I can say that about. Recently, I bought a full bottle of 212 VIP, which seemed right up my alley based on the notes and the description of the cologne. How does this one rate? What does it smell like? Does it have good longevity? Keep reading below for my full thoughts and reaction on 212 VIP for men.



Notes include: caviar lime, frozen mint, black pepper, vodka, ginger, amber, apple, King wood, tonka bean

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212 VIP Herrera


The opening of 212 VIP for men starts with a smooth yet spicy blast of the vodka, tonka bean, amber, and pepper notes. Supporting roles come into play from the mint and lime which while not prominent, I think gives VIP a little extra something unique. After the initial spray, the sweetness of the tonka provides the slight vanilla aroma that blends well with the warmth of the amber. It sort of reminds me of The One by D&G in this regard, yet, these are wholly different scents.

Now, with the vodka note this does have that boozy feel to it, which is perfect for the nightlife…and it’s designed to be that way. As it dries down, I do sense more of the ginger as the spice and less of the original pepper from the opening which allows VIP to take on a different vibe. I would say that the cologne definitely gets better as time wears on. 212 VIP softens up from the more intense opening but still retains its alluring sexiness.

Projection wise, this stuff is great. A couple sprays were enough to have it be very noticeable without going into the realm of being too much. It’s a loud and confident kind of fragrance. I get really good longevity out of this too, 8+ hours seems to be no problem thus far…so you do get some bang for your buck.

This is cold weather performer. I’ll be wearing this a lot during the wintertime, as it seems I’m always finding great scents to wear during this time of the year. This isn’t so much a casual fragrance. I mean, one or two sprays will probably be okay while at work but 212 VIP is built for nights out. This is a club/bar banger much like 1 Million but I’m finding VIP to be the more mature and interesting of the two. Yes, this is a sexy, date night, lady attraction kind of cologne and I will be wearing it as such.

Overall, do I think 212 VIP is worth a buy? Yes! I bought my bottle and am very glad that I did. It’s great across the board. It smells really good, it lasts a long time, it isn’t weak, and it’s amazing for nightlife. Now, I do love a lot of scents that have that sweet tonka, warm ambery, boozy kind of feel to it…so, if that’s not your thing, you should probably go with something else. However, if you want a cold weather cologne that doesn’t let you down, I would strongly consider 212 VIP.