Cologne Under $10: Adidas Deep Energy Review

Most of the colognes which I have reviewed thus far on this site have been of the more expensive variety. Designer fragrances do come at a premium price and while you do sometimes get what you pay for, there are still great colognes at inexpensive prices. One cologne that I want to highlight today is Adidas’ Deep Energy. This eau de toilette, sells for right around $10 and can provide a great value for guys looking to smell good. While it isn’t the best cologne on the market, Deep Energy is surprisingly pleasant for something so inexpensive.


Deep Energy Notes:

Top Notes: mandarin, bergamot

Middle Notes: green apple, cardamon

Base Notes: musk and woods

I first got my bottle of Deep Energy in a gift set of 3 Adidas fragrances. I didn’t particularly care for the other two scents but I did find Deep Energy to be a relative steal at the price. This cologne is a sporty one and not one that will necessarily be the best choice for going out on a date or something like that. Although, I suppose you could if you had no other options.

Energy is in the product title and it definitely lives up to the moniker. The mandarin and green apple notes within this fragrance help to make it an invigorating choice. While many other cheaper colognes can tend to overpower, Deep Energy is one that is subtle yet stands out as a unique and pleasant experience.

I’ve mostly worn this fragrance at work or out around town while running errands. Due to its price, Deep Energy is a good choice as an everyday cologne, that can be worn on days where you don’t want to use up the more expensive designer fragrances you might own.  Deep Energy has a bit of spice to it which helps to give it a comforting warmth. Unlike something such as Opium Pour Homme, this Adidas cologne has its subtle spice paired with woodsy notes and fruity notes like green apple.

I rather like Deep Energy as sort of a starter cologne or one that can be worn in casual situations because it is a overall nice smell. I have gotten plenty of complements while wearing it and it is also long-lasting which is even a better value. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive cologne, definitely check out Deep Energy, again it’s only $10 or thereabouts, so it won’t break the bank.

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