Adidas Moves 001 Cologne Review

I used to wear the original Adidas Moves back in high school and reviewed that fragrance on here yesterday. However, Adidas usually would sell a 3 fragrance gift set of Moves, 001, and Deep Energy. These fragrances are always available for dirt cheap and present some feasible options for younger guys who don’t have the budget. For this post, I want to take a look at the third cologne in these sets, Moves 001.



Notes include: amber, sandalwood, mandarin orange, pear leaf, coriander, musk, patchouli

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I wrote in my review of the original Moves, that is basically a cologne suited best for high school aged guys. I would say that 001, is a more mature fragrance than that but it is still youthful in its presentation. This cologne is much more earthy/woodsy/spicy than the watery aquatic that is Adidas Moves. It does still have sweet fruity highlights of pear leaf and mandarin, however, it isn’t dominated by citrus or fruity scent.

001 is a smooth cologne, it isn’t spicy in the same way as something like Opium, but it is mostly imbued with musk and patchouli which give it that older vibe. Much like the other Adidas colognes, 001 is a bit synthetic in the way it smells, not overly so but it doesn’t have nearly the same complexity or quality as some more pricey designer fragrances.

When I used to wear this back in the day, I would usually get 4-6 hours out of it. It’s not a long-lasting fragrance and so that takes aways some of its usefulness. It also starts out as a moderate projecting cologne but it quickly fades and most of its longevity is when someone is very close to you.

Overall, it isn’t a bad scent. It smells fine but it isn’t anything special.001 is probably my least favorite of the three Adidas colognes that I used to wear. It’s something that can be worn casually but don’t expect miracles, though, it isn’t offensive so it is a safe fragrance to wear around wherever. Is it a buy? I think there are much better options, even at this price point, but if you want a bottle, go for it.