A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler Cologne Review

I’m a pretty big fan of a lot of men’s colognes from Thierry Mugler, so I’m always looking to try scents from this designer that I have yet to experience. I received a sample sprayer of one such fragrance, A*Men Pure Shot, which is from the Angel Men line. In this post, I’m going to go over my experiences of wearing this scent, what in it, how it performs, what I like and don’t like, and if I think that this one is worth a buy.


Notes include: mint, patchouli, juniper, pepper, and sequoia

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The opening of Pure Shot is a party of mint and patchouli with some juniper throw in for good measure. Immediately, I am reminded of Ice Men, also by Mugler which also a mint and patchouli heavy cologne. These two are almost the exact same scent, which makes me wonder why one of the two was even necessary to produce in the first place.

The separation of the two comes from the juniper berry note, which in my opinion isn’t really distinct enough to set them apart. The spice in Pure Shot is pepper, while in Ice Men it is nutmeg, but the effect is basically the same for your nose. I do think that Pure Shot develops a bit more than its counterpart, which is pretty linear throughout wear. It has a noticeable sequoia wood note as it moves along and the juniper does allow for distinction.

Projection wise, Pure Shot is decent. It can actually be pretty heavy at first spray, but that fades rather quickly. Longevity isn’t that great either, probably around 4-6 hours, depending on the circumstance.

This could be a nice casual scent for someone. I think it provides a nice contrast with the warmer weather and a good change of pace from the usual summer scents. It’s cooled mint, juniper, and patchouli mix gives off a nice bite of icy spice.

Overall, do I think Pure Shot is worth it? Not for me. It is slightly better than Ice Men but almost completely identical aside from the juniper. It’s not a great performer and doesn’t live up to the other gems of the A*Men line of fragrances. I don’t think it smells horrible by any means and if you like mint and patchouli, you’d probably enjoy this one, assuming you can get a cheap bottle. It’s a fairly average scent with nothing really special about it.