Armani Code for Men Cologne Review

Continuing with our recent restarting of more fragrance reviews on this site,  I thought I should take a closer look at some of the more popular colognes out there, that I haven’t touched upon yet. One such fragrance is the ever best selling, Armani Code by Giorgio Armani. Armani is a brand with some major hits in its catalog of men’s fragrances, how does Armani Code stack up with the rest?



Notes include: citrus, lavender, apple, leather, tobacco, star anise, woods 


The opening of Armani Code is quite sweet with the fruit notes taking center stage during the first thirty minutes to an hour. This isn’t some girly or candy-like sweetness mind you, rather, one which is soft and sort of powdery. The leather and tobacco notes really begin to shine after that point and fully develop this fragrance’s identity.

Code is a very dark and sensual sort of fragrance but isn’t bombastic or heavy in anyway. It is a subtle, versatile, and refined. I like that I could wear this for any occasion and it wouldn’t seem out of place. Also, this is one of those scent that women seem to enjoy and want to get closer when you wear.

As it wears on it develops more into the dark and clean scent and moves away from the sweetness that can be found in the opener. I am a fan of leather in fragrances when it’s done well (even in cheaper fragrances like Dirty English) and it is done quite well in Armani Code.

Overall, Code is a great and versatile buy for almost any guy. It is safe and moderate and smells really nice. It has good longevity and the projection while not overpowering is quite good as well. It is very popular, so it really won’t be unique but it is definitely worth a buy.