Armani Code Profumo Men’s Cologne Review

I was quite pumped to get a new batch of sample fragrances to try out recently. I hadn’t heard anything about Armani Code Profumo and so had no expectations about it, nor even knew what notes made up this scent. I just figured that since it was from Giorgio Armani, that it might be a decent buy. In this post, I want to give my impressions of this cologne, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not it is worth picking up a bottle.



armani code profumo

Notes include: leather, amber, tonka bean, cardamom, lavender, and nutmeg


The opening of Code Profumo had me hooked after the initial spray. I like fragrances that are sweet, warm, and smooth and this one delivers on that amazingly well. To me, it is some close relative to The One by Dolce and Gabbana, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, or even Versace Eros (the tonka bean). Plus, an added dash of Kouros Body. The One is one of my favorite smelling colognes, it just has a problem with longevity on my skin, and it happens to share the amber and cardamom notes with Profumo.

The opening is mostly a mix of the warm amber note and the creaminess of the tonka bean. It’s sweet and somewhat candy-like in it’s presentation, sort of like 1 Million, without that grape bubblegum kind of smell that the Paco Rabanne cologne opens with. The nutmeg note gives it a bit of spice which is smoothed out by the masculine leather. This is a new release for 2016 from Armani and I really think they hit a home run for people like me who love this kind of scent.

It isn’t a very heavy fragrance but it does project itself pretty darn well. It isn’t a complete beast in that regard, but it does its job and doesn’t quit. Longevity is yet another plus sign for Code Profumo. This is an all day wear, that will hold long enough for any occasion that you may need to wear it.

I’d say this is a distinctly Fall/Winter fragrance and I can’t wait to wear it on nights out on the town in a few months. Code Profumo is a dark and sexy type of fragrance that can also be worn on casual occasions and not feel out of place. It doesn’t have the same bold almost in your face feeling that 1 Million can have and it isn’t weak like The One is.

Overall, would I rate this cologne a buy? Absolutely. I’m totally digging this scent right now, it’s great. Now, will every guy like it? Probably not. Like I said, if you don’t like warm/sweet fragrances, Code Profumo isn’t for you. Also, if you want something for the warmer months of the year, go with something else. However, if you need a new cologne for those crisp days and nights during autumn/winter, this should do the job.