Axe Anarchy for Him Shower Gel Review

I have already done a few reviews on Unilever’s Axe products from their White Label line of scents (Forest and Night). Now, I want to step away from the White Label and review a selection from its standard line of scents. I have been using Axe Anarchy for Him, as a shower gel for the past few days and want to briefly give my thoughts and experiences with this product.


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Notes include: amber, sandalwood, and fruit notes.


Upon my first sniff of Anarchy, I immediately liked it better than the two white label entries that I had tried so far (which I actually liked) and some of the other Axe scents I have used before. It almost reminded me of Axe’s Dark Temptation or Gold Temptation, in its rich quality. However, it doesn’t have the same chocolate notes and the fruit notes begin to emerge. I get a sensation of perhaps, bergamot, and a bit of coconut for good measure.

The sandalwood and amber give it that smooth aroma while those fruit notes create a really wonderful dynamic (sort of 1 Million-ish). I find Anarchy for Him to be quite refreshing and think that it smells very good for what it is. Obviously, this is just a shower gel, so its longevity and projection aren’t going to be great. The body spray should provide much more in that area and provides a cheap alternative to cologne for younger guys.

Overall, I’d say this is in the upper echelon of scents from Axe. I haven’t actually worn the body spray since my early high school days but this is just as good as any of them. Give it a try in whatever form you need, deodorant, shower gel, body spray, as it is a great fresh and sweet scent at a rock bottom price.