Axe Apollo Fragrance Review

This is going to be my fourth review of an Axe scent and another one from the standard label (for White Label reviews, see: Forest and Night). For this post, I’m going to give my thoughts on the Apollo scent from Axe. This was sort of a blind buy because I needed some shower gel while I was at the store, this happened to be on sale, and I also just liked the name (Greek mythology ftw). What did I think of this fragrance? Read below to find out.



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Notes include: sandalwood, sage, and mandarin


Let me say from the start that I only sort of like Axe Apollo. I do think that it smells good. However, I do not put it on the same level as the best scents from Axe. I’ve noticed that they like to use a sandalwood note in many of their products (including: Anarchy), since it tends to provide that smooth and fresh scent that people enjoy. Apollo is definitely a fresh scent, it is quite cool and crisp with some spice provided by the sage note.

I think the sage note is what isn’t really capturing my attention. Overall, the scent just feels sort of flat and less dynamic than some others. It is a burst of cold spice, that while pleasant, doesn’t really keep you coming back for more. I did use the whole bottle of shower gel and definitely didn’t mind it. I felt clean and like it didn’t bother me or put me off at all. It was just lacking something and the mandarin note seems a little bit weak as well.

Some guys out there might really enjoy using Apollo. I just thought it was so so. In my opinion the best of Axe seems to be: Anarchy, Kilo, Dark/Gold Temptation, Harmony, and one other that I don’t think they make any longer.