Axe White Label Forest Scent Review

This is my second installment of reviewing the new White Label scents from Axe. In my first entry, I reviewed Night, and while that is a perfectly fine scent, I actually prefer Forest among the two options. So, in this post I wanted to give my initial impression of this fragrance from Axe and why I think it is a good scent.


Notes include: pear, starfruit, driftwood, and moss


Forest opens with a really intense note of pear blended with the starfruit, which makes it smell almost like a green apple. This scent is energetic upon its opening and when lathered that moss and driftwood notes begin to emerge which give it that masculine scent. As the name suggests, they are going for a woodsy fragrance and they have definitely succeeded on that end. The fruit notes aren’t too sweet but add a layer of complexity to the scent, so that it just doesn’t smell like a pine air freshener.

The emerging scent is crisp and natural in its airs. Even after it’s had an hour or so to breathe in the air you can still detect the pear note which offsets the moss and sort of pure, forest scent. Overall, I enjoy this shower gel, even more so than Night. I cannot say that this is the best Axe scent by any stretch but it is certainly a good one and I look forward to trying out the rest of the White Label lineup.