Azzaro Pour Homme Men’s Cologne Review

In my continuing series of men’s fragrance reviews, I am going to take a closer look today at Azzaro Pour Homme. I have already reviewed Chrome by Azzaro , which is quite a different fragrance then this one. What notes make up Azzaro? What does it smell like? How does it perform? Is it worth a purchase? Please continue below for my full write up.



Notes include: oakmoss, amber, musk, cedar, juniper berries, lavender, lemon, anise, and more

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Azzaro Pour Homme has been around for a long time and has basically achieved classic status in the fragrance world. That being said, it definitely is not a scent for everybody and won’t vibe well with some people’s style. The opening of Azzaro is a fresh and woodsy blast. The oakmoss, cedar, and anise really stand out to me. There seems to be a refreshing spice that lingers quite well but it’s a cool spice (sort of the same way mint projects itself) and it is all tied together by the smoothness of lavender.

Azzaro is quite an interesting scent. It gives off a refined and masculine vibe that is wholly unique, especially compared to more modern fragrances for men.  It is so layered at times that is can be difficult to pick out some of the notes but the lavender and oakmoss are the most prominent, which gives it this crisp and soapy/cream sort of aroma.

Projection wise, Azzaro does it’s job. It isn’t a heavy cologne but you really don’t have to use much of it either. It is also one that doesn’t quit on you after a few hours and will keep going along for the remainder of the day. This would honestly be worn best in the months of autumn, as its woodsy aroma would fit in quite well during that time of year. Also, it does seem to be a versatile scent that can be worn everyday but it isn’t too casual of a scent and could feel out of place in certain circumstances.

Overall, is Azzaro a buy? It is an inexpensive performer. If you enjoy dry, fresh, woodsy, classic types of scents, Azzaro would be right up your alley. However, if you like really sweet or aquatic type of colognes, you may want to look elsewhere. Azzaro can be a good change up to wear, every once in a while, just to add some variety to your style.