David Beckham Instinct Cologne Review

David Beckham is a world famous former footballer who is also well known for his personal style. Along with his H&M clothing partnership, Beckham also has his own line of affordable fragrances for men. While these scents aren’t on the level of quality of something much more expensive, such as Creed, they do offer very pleasant colognes at an attractive pricing point. In this post, I want to take a closer look at Instinct from the David Beckham collection of fragrances, and see if this one is worth a purchase.




Notes include: Amber, mandarin, orange, anise, bergamot, cardamom, patchouli, vetiver


The opening of Instinct for me really highlights the citrus notes of this fragrance. I’m not always a fan of orange in colognes, particularly the bitter orange note in Terre D’Hermes. However, in Instinct, I rather like its paring with the lemony bergamot and the underlying earthy notes which develop quite nicely later on. This scent does have a nice warm slightly spicy air to it that vaguely reminds me of L’Homme Libre (it must be the star anise and perhaps the patchouli/cardamom that gives off that vibe). That’s not to say that the colognes smell alike, they don’t, just a similarity that I picked up on…Instinct is much less spice and more woodsy.

The opening isn’t powerful, nor is the dry down. It is subtle and has a freshly washed, masculine aroma. The citrus notes that take precedent in the start, calm down and give way to the vetiver and amber notes. I really enjoy the richness of this scent and how it smells so clean and refreshing while keeping it’s woodsy/spicy profile intact.

Projection wise, Instinct is not a heavy fragrance nor one in which someone will be able to smell you across the room. I would put it on the lower end of moderate. It definitely becomes a ‘skin scent’ so to speak and one in which requires someone to get closer to you. Longevity wise, Instinct does not impress me. That’s really the only major flaw in this cologne. I might get 3-4 hours of solid performance out of it before it dissipates almost completely.

Overall, I really like this scent, especially at the price. I think that a guy could definitely add this to his collection and enjoy its use. Yes, it does have issues with longevity but if you can keep a bottle around for reapplication, I don’t see why you couldn’t have use for it. There are definitely better options out there but Instinct is a very good smelling fragrance in my opinion.