Best Smelling Fall/Autumn Colognes for Men 2015

Fall is upon us and that means the leaves are changing and the temperatures are starting their annual decline. With the new season, the fragrances of summer are being phased out and need to be replaced by scents that work especially well in cooler weather. This can be an really great time to expand your options and find your own personal style, as there are many great colognes which simply come apart during the oppressive heat of the summer months. Plus, there is a certain mood in the air during the fall when you may not want a fruity type of scent emanating off of your skin. For this list, I have chosen some great options for guys to wear during the autumn. It includes options for those on a budget, as well as for those who can afford to spend a bit more on their fragrances. As always, I have linked each choice to for more info as well as ease of purchase.



Dirty English by Juicy Couture– As an inexpensive choice, I feel that Dirty English is one of the best for cooler weather. The leather note provides a rugged/masculine scent which is combined with a layered complexity of sandalwood, mandarin, blue cypress, bergamot, cedar, and other notes which gives it a crisp, fresh, and woodsy middle. Dirty English Review


Burberry London– London was one of the first colognes that I ever bought for myself and it is an excellent choice for the autumn months that won’t break the bank. Its scent is a woodsy spice provided by notes of cinnamon, leather, tobacco, and black pepper. However, it is balanced out and prevented from going to heavy by the lavender and mimosa flower notes. Burberry London Review



Rochas Man Eau de Toilette, Woody Gourmand, 3.3 fl. oz.
Rochas Man is a sweet and spicy fragrance which is highlighted by its coffee note. It is a inviting and sharp cologne which performs beautifully on colder days. My Rochas Review



Joop!– A blend of spice and powdery, Joop! has been around since the late 1980s. It is a very warm and intense scent at times but is calmed by the jasmine and honey notes is contains. Sexy and masculine. Love the cinnamon note. Read my Joop! review




More Expensive

Guerlain Homme– Yes, the mojito accord (rum, lime, mint, sugar) give it an air of the summertime, however, the woodsy notes allow this one to be extended into the autumn months. I absolutely adore this cologne and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Guerlain Homme Review


Versace Eros– Sweet, warm, and enveloping fragrance from Versace. You don’t need much of this stuff for it to be effective, though. It is a rich gourmand type of smell, though highlighted with notes of mint, lemon, and green apple. There is a lot of layers to this cologne and it has become quite popular. My review here.


Opium by YSL– A spicy oriental fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. It has an exotic type of aroma to it and is highlighted by a vanilla note which gives a smoothness to the spicy notes this cologne contains. Great performer in the cold months. My review


La Nuit De L’Homme by YSL– Another entry from YSL on this list. With notes of bergamot, lavender, cedar, vetiver, and other floral notes…La Nuit is definitely a winner come autumn. My La Nuit Review

la nuit de l'homme


Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier– A cologne which has very good longevity and projection. Plus, the whole fact that it also smells great. Le Male is a sweet cologne with blended notes of woods/spice, that heightens the masculinity. Le Male Full Review

jean paul

Dior Homme by Christian Dior– Light, fresh, elegant, and classy. Dior Homme is a modern classic. The longevity isn’t as great as desired but this is still a wonderful fragrance.