Lancome Best Perfumes: Top 7 Ladies Fragrances

Lancome has released a ton of fragrances for women over the decades. It is one of the most famous beauty brands in the world and has a long track record of creating great smelling and performing perfumes. This French design house is still going strong into the 21st century and features so many timeless classic in its catalog. For this list, I have what I feel are the seven best perfumes from Lancome. These include fragrances for ladies with all different styles and for general wear or something more specific.


Best Ladies Perfumes for 2016

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome– A gourmand type of fragrance mixing notes of praline, black currant, and other floral notes. Rich, complex, and good for the winter months.

la vie


Poeme– A white floral and vanilla based fragrance which will last all day. Tread lightly as this one can be quite heavy when overused.



Tresor– Sweet, creamy, and powdery fragrance that has been a massive hit since its release almost three decades ago. Notes include peach, apricot, vanilla, tonka bean, rose, and sandalwood. A long lasting composition which develops and changes its colors as the day goes by.



Hypnose– Jasmine, passionflower, and vanilla make up the notes of Hypnose. A light to moderate floral/woodsy profile which is complemented by the sweetness of vanilla. Not overbearing and wholly feminine.



Tresor Midnight Rose– Midnight Rose is a sweeter and sharper take on the Tresor name. Raspberries and rose are the highlights of this sweet/sugary fragrance. It doesn’t require very much to stand out.

Tresor Midnight Rose


Magie Noire– Something a bit darker and sexier than other entries on the list. It’s got a woods/green vibe with an underlying spiciness from the incense and musk notes. This is a really heavy and more of a mature scent.

Magie Noire


Miracle– A fresh and moderate perfume that is great for daytime wear. It features bright fruity notes with smooth floral and a pepper note to provide that extra tinge of spice.