Best Loris Azzaro Colognes for Men

Loris Azzaro has been a house which has created popular and affordable men’s fragrances since the 1970s. These scents aren’t anything that out there or niche in any way, however, the colognes smell good and give guys an opportunity to wear different types of scents without breaking the bank to do it. Which is why, some of these scents have been best sellers for decades.


Chrome– A very clean and fresh cologne that can become a man’s daily wear fragrance at a very inexpensive price. Chrome is simple yet a quite potent blend of citrus notes. Chrome review


Azzaro– A masculine throwback to the 1970s, yet, it doesn’t feel dated. Azzaro blends many notes including leather, lavender, wood, and sandalwood. It is woodsy, herbal, and spicy. My full Azzaro Review


Night Time– I’ll include this one as one of the best, although I really don’t care for the bitter orange note. That note reminds me too much of Terre D’Hermes or L’eau D’Issey Nuit, both of which I didn’t like, though many other people seem to. I don’t think this one is as bad as those two colognes but since this enjoys some popularity among Azzaro scents, I’ll throw it on here for you to try out.

night time

Onyx– It has a spice and green sort of feel to it from the patchouli note. It also has apple, bergamot, and lemon which adds a citrusy sweet profile to it. Onyx is a good scent for the winter months and one that projects very well.


Chrome United– A moderate and fresh herbal type of a scent. This is a safe everyday wear, that has a wonderful fragrance that provides an air of cleanliness. Very nice all-around cologne.