Best Mont Blanc Colognes for Men

For my next entry into reviewing the best scents from the world’s top designers, I wanted to take a closer look at Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc can tend to get overlooked, however, it is a design house that has done some very nice things in terms of men’s fragrances and does so at an affordable price point. Are all the scents they make the most amazing and unique things to hit the market? No. What they do well is to make a great and wearable scent for men that will attract and draw complements on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are my top 4 Mont Blanc colognes for men.


Legend– The most popular of the scents from Mont Blanc. It is a very crisp and clean scent featuring notes of pineapple, sandalwood, tonka bean, and bergamot. It is a solid choice for an everyday wear, though it can be classified as a moderate in terms of longevity. My review



Starwalker– A lovely scent for warmer days and a multitude of events. Woodsy and citric cologne with somewhat of an aquatic feel and for the price, it’s quite unique and mesmerizing. I’d say it’s projection and longevity are moderate, which is the only thing stopping this fragrance from becoming a must buy for anyone. Notes include: mandarin, ginger, bergamot, sandalwood, bamboo, amber, nutmeg, and more. My full Starwalker Review



Individuel– This cologne has a sweet gourmand quality to it with a blend of cinnamon spice that is reminiscent of something like Joop! or Creed Santal. The opening isn’t the best but it does dry down into something very nice and is a good and inexpensive bet for the Fall months. Notes include: bergamot, mint, oakmoss, cinnamon, sandalwood, violet, and jasmine. My full Review


Emblem– A very nice everyday scent that excels in that role. It has a soft and sweet citrus/melon scent, which isn’t feminine at all but rather, plays off the cinnamon and sage notes to create something that is attractive yet masculine.