Best Smelling Nautica Colognes: Top 5 Men’s Fragrances

Nautica has created plenty of men’s fragrances which are quite good and also fit into the theme of the oceanic/aquatic lifestyle. What is great about the company is that it offers men some great colognes at a very inexpensive price point. Now, the quality in terms of uniqueness or ingredients isn’t as high as some of the higher level designers but if you find one of these options that you like, they can have plenty of use as an everyday wear. Also see: Nautica Voyage vs Nautica Blue Cologne Comparison


Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz
It made the list of best value colognes for under $30 because of it’s fantastic scent and performance. It’s an aquatic fragrance, as goes with the whole Nautica theme, and is probably best served for use in the spring or summertime as a casual everyday scent. My Full Review



Nautica White Sail for Men by Nautica 3.4oz 100ml EDT Spray
White Sail takes a turn away from the aquatic fragrances and towards a more earthy/woodsy scent. It is light an smooth with notes such as amber, teak wood, lavender, vetiver, and pink pepper.

white sail


Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 fluid ounce
Smooth and light with fruity notes such as pineapple and peach which highlight this fragrance but it is held together by its woody heart. It isn’t a jump out at you type of cologne where you will be amazed by its unique scent. However, it is very clean and at a great price. Read my review here



Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica 3.4 oz 100ml EDT Spray
A blend of spice, woods, and citrus notes which gives off a summery feel. It has a body wash/soap kind of vibe to it. It’s clean and masculine, though it can have performance issues.



Nautica Island Voyage By Nautica For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Oz.
A great and inexpensive summer cologne option, if you can find a bottle. Gives the same kind of Carribean feel as something from the Tommy Bahama line of scents. Island Voyage is fresh and pleasant all around.

island voyage