Best Perfumes by Celine Dion: Top 4 Scents

Celine Dion is not only an amazingly popular singer, most popularly associated with “My Heart Will Go On”. She is also a successful businesswoman and her fragrance line produces beautifully scented perfumes for women, that aren’t at absurd designer prices. For this list, I have selected four scents by Celine which are the best of the bunch. As always, each perfume is linked out to for ease of purchase and for more information.

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Pure Brilliance– A sweet and fruity fragrance with notes of apple, lilies, pear, freesia, and greens. Pure Brilliance has an energetic and feminine quality to it that is bound to attract and draw complements. Also, at an amazingly low price.


Celine Dion– The namesake of the fragrance line, this perfume is soft and airy and will not create a heavy cloud of scent surrounding you. An inexpensive daily wear choice, which gives off a fresh vibe that is versatile enough to be worn anywhere.


Belong– Not sure if they still make this one, but it was one of the most popular scents from Celine Dion. Flowers, pineapple, berries, and bergamot. Fresh and inviting fragrance.


Sensational– A clean and moderate scent that can be worn on nearly any occasion. Notes include: plum, amber, apple, sandalwood, and pear. An overall great perfume that could easily fit into any woman’s style.