Best Ladies Perfumes at Sephora: Top Smelling Fragrances

Sephora has become a wildly popular retailer for makeup, fragrances, and other fashion accessories over the past decade. For one, it stocks some of the top fragrances from some of the world’s best luxury designers. It’s no coincidence that it’s parent company is the French LVMH, which is a powerhouse in luxury goods. For this list, I have selected 10 perfumes from the site and while is this by no means a complete list of the wonderful scents available at Sephora, it’s a really good place to start.



Bright Crystal by Versace- This long lasting scent from Versace adds a bit of musk to the fruity/floral notes which gives Bright Crystal a sensual and lovely aroma. My Review of Bright Crystal or List of Top Versace Perfumes

bright crystals


La Vie Est Belle by Lancome– A gourmand type of fragrance mixing notes of praline, black currant, and other floral notes. Rich, complex, and good for the winter months. Top 7 Lancome Scents

la vie


Miss Dior– A lush and sweet fragrance for ladies by Dior. A blend of fruits, florals, and sweets such as caramel. Quite sensual and distinct. Top Dior Scents



Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf– Very beautiful and feminine scent which would serve well as a signature scent for any woman. Easily one of the best. Viktor and Rolf List



Chloe– The classic scent from the Chloe line dating back to 1975. Clean, fresh, and evocative. Chloe is a warm and memorable fragrance who’s staying power extends through the day. Notes include: honeysuckle, jasmine, orange flowers. Best Chloe Perfumes



Gucci Guilty– This scent from the Italian design house is sexy yet not overpowering and it’s use of pink pepper notes gives it a seductive spice. Also, has notes of peach and lilac which softens the scent and gives off a terrifically feminine vibe.



Daisy by Marc Jacobs Notes of wild strawberry, vanilla, violet, and jasmine among others. This is a fresh and long-lasting perfume with a lot of class. Top Marc Jacobs Perfumes  and Full Review of Daisy



Romance by Ralph Lauren– Elegant and sultry floral perfume that will set off a romantic mood. Notes of rose, marigold, violet, ginger,  oakmoss, and musk. Great feminine fragrance. Best Smelling Ralph Lauren Perfumes List



Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture– A fruity and floral scent with some candy inspired notes like vanilla and caramel. Viva La Juicy is clean, sophisticated, and sensual. Best Smelling Juicy Fragrances



Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior– A rather pricey designer fragrance but Hypnotic Poison is a beautiful and sexy fragrance for women by Dior. There are two other Hypnotic Poison variations by Dior and each one stands out on its own.

hypnotic poison