Best Men’s Colognes by Gucci: Top fragrances by Gucci

the other fashion products Gucci creates, it has a very popular line of fragrances for men and women. Its colognes offer a blend of unique scents that remain masculine and versatile to fit a consumer’s lifestyle. While there are plenty of options for a man to choose from among the Gucci line of colognes, I wanted to focus on what I feel are the best fragrances from this Italian design house. This list is not in order, as it is of course personal preference which scent smells the best, however, this is what I consider to be the cream of the crop.


Gucci Guilty– A seductive fragrance launched a few years ago in response to the overwhelming success of the female version of guilty. This eau de toilette is bold and unique and one that will inevitably garner plenty of attention from the opposite sex. It features notes with ingredients such as lemon and orange blossom.

Gucci by Gucci– This namesake fragrance delivers a woodsy aroma, which is both highly masculine and sensual. Bergamot, Cyprus and violet notes open the scent followed by tobacco leaves and jasmine before the final note which includes amber settles in. A gorgeous fragrance that would be a welcome addition to any man’s cologne collection.

Gucci Guilty Intense– Guilty Intense is a fresh and clean scent, which delivers a unique scent for guys who demand a signature fragrance. Mandarin, pink pepper, lilac, amber, and other ingredients in the notes blend well to produce a memorable experience.

Gucci Pour Homme li– This Gucci fragrance is clean and never overpowering. There is a bit of spice to it but people will be wondering what exactly it is you’re wearing.

Other Discontinued Gucci Colognes that were great:

Gucci Rush

Gucci Envy

There you have it the short list of the best men’s colognes by Gucci. This design house has had many winners over the years, Rush, Envy, and Pour Homme, are all wonderful choices if you can still find a bottle of them. However, the ones that are still in production should add some luxury to any man’s toilette and keep him smelling great.

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