Best Tom Ford Perfumes for Women: Top Smelling Ladies Scents

Tom Ford fragrances fall into the more very expensive designer category of perfumes. They tend to be less synthetic and contain more ‘rare’ notes than other mainstream scents. However, Tom Ford also produces some really great scents for women. These perfumes tend to stand out and make a statement, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the person wearing it. The scents on this list will be more along the lines of a signature perfume for the right lady and not all of them will have universal appeal. I have linked each of the four choices to its page on Sephora, where you can purchase each or find other choices by Tom Ford.



Black Orchid– Dark, rich, and spicy. A loud and sensual gourmand fragrance featuring notes of black truffle, black orchid, plum, and patchouli. Not quite feminine nor is it over to the masculine side of fragrance either. This one can be loved or hated but it is bold nevertheless.


Noir Pour Femme– A more moderate gourmand than Black Orchid. Noir has an alluring vibe created by the smooth vanilla notes, the floral notes like rose, and the sweetness of orange. A beautiful fragrance.


Velvet Orchid– Citrus sweet, smooth, and floral. This is a great and seductive perfume which lightens and brightens as a scent during the drydown period.


Santal Blush– Woodsy and spicy fragrance that airs towards Oriental. Not for everyone as it does can be a bit exotic and borderline masciline at times during its presentation.