Best Tommy Hilfiger Colognes for Men

Tommy Hilfiger was a major force in popular fashion back in the 1990s and while its popularity has faded since then, it still has its place in that world. It’s fragrance line while not as spectacular as many other design houses, does have some highlights that both smell great and can be gotten at a good price. For this list, I have selected what I feel are the four best Tommy Hilfiger colognes for men and as always have linked each to


Tommy Hilfiger– The original namesake of the company. Tommy Hilfiger for men is a crisp and clean presentation loaded with citrus and other fruity notes. Good starter cologne or something to wear casually, as it can be gotten for cheap. Read my full review here.



Tommy Bahama Very Cool– This could be a great and inexpensive cologne choice for the warmer months. It’s a very light fragrance with clementine and bergamot as its most noticeable notes eventually and ginger initially. It has a bit of spice but always retains its refreshing profile. Decent longevity, even if the projection does leave something to be desired. My full review

very cool


Set Sail St. Barts– Another very nice addition from the Tommy Bahama line of fragrances and it’s also wonderful for the summer. This one utilizes lime, tequila, and guava to create that sort of ‘beach’ alcoholic drink feel (much like the mojito accord in Guerlain) and then other notes such as sea salt (like Creed in Creed Imperial) begin to emerge. Is it as good as either of those fragrances? Not in my opinion. However, it does what it does well and it’s much more affordable. My Review


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True Star– This is another one with that licorice note that I’m not too crazy about. However, I do like the rest of the presentation of True Star and I think that the other notes like vanilla, sandalwood, and grapefruit work well together. I don’t think they produce this scent anymore but bottles can still be had online as of now.