Best Winter Fragrances for Ladies 2016: Top Cold Weather Women’s Perfumes

The winter time brings out a whole slew of fragrances which specialize and really come through in these frigid months. It seems that spicy perfumes and those with a bit more complexity can come into play during the wintertime and add a new layer to your personal style. For this list, I have picked out seven women’s perfumes which should work well for any woman’s style during this time of the year. So, kick off 2016 right, with an amazing scent that will really bind together the experience of cold weather and a warm fireplace. 




Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss– A warm and energetic take on the Amor Amor name. Grapefruit, coffee, pink pepper, and peony make this one a unique and exciting perfume from Cacharel. Best Cacharel Perfumes



Opium– This scent from YSL is a throwback to the 1970s. Opium is a scent that brings to mind the Orient with all of its exotic spiciness. It has been popular for all of this time for a reason, Opium is a classic. Notes include: exotic florals, mandarin and coriander. Top YSL Fragrances



Dior Addict– Mandarin, rose, and vanilla give this a sweet oriental aroma that is sure to please. A refreshing, spicy, and feminine perfume. Best Christian Dior Perfumes



Gucci Premiere– For the woman who is brimming with confidence, Gucci Premiere is a scent that projects really well in the Winter months. It’s beautiful, crisp, and clean. Notes include: Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Leather, Wood, Musk And White Flowers

gucci premiere


Pour Femme by D&G– Pour Femme is a versatile fragrance for the colder months, its fruity notes are sweet and blend well with the sandalwood and marshmellow to give it a richer aroma. Notes include: Raspberry, Tangerine, Marshmallow, Vanilla, And Sandalwood.

dolce pour femme


212 VIP– This one beckons the exclusivity of the NYC nightlife along with all of its excitement and energy. Rum, vanilla, passion fruit, and others combine to give the notes a unique spirit and beautifully youthful vibe. Great stuff. Top Carolina Herrera Fragrances


Very Irresistible– This Givenchy scent is a floral but totally works in the winter time.  Very Irresistible is a gorgeous and feminine fragrance that will gather complements with regularity. Notes include: peony and musk. Very Irresistible Full Review


Burberry– Light, sweet, with an underlying hint of spice to give it a seductive quality. Burberry is a perfect choice to wear at school or work because it isn’t overpowering and all around pleasant.Notes include: peach, apricot, sandalwood, cedar, amber and musk.



Gucci Guilty Intense– A warm and spicy fragrance from the Gucci Guilty line which is highly sensual and for the bold. Notes include: Pungent Pink Pepper, Mandarin, Lilac, And Violet. 

gucci guilty intense


Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior– A rather pricey designer fragrance but Hypnotic Poison is a beautiful and sexy fragrance for women by Dior. There are two other Hypnotic Poison variations by Dior and each one stands out on its own.

hypnotic poison


Very Sexy– The name definitely fits in this case, as Very Sexy is a fresh and seductive scent, perfect to wear on dates or an evening out. It is a light and fragrant floral that is a truly sensual experience. Notes include: clementine, cactus flowers, vanilla orchid, blackberry, white amber and pimento