Best Smelling Women’s Perfumes for Spring 2015

When all of the snow finally melts away and the temperatures begin to rise, it’s not only time to change your clothing style but also that of your scent. Some perfumes are built to perform in the winter but seem to have problems when it gets warmer outside. Yes, the temperature can make even some of the best smelling fragrances turn south and make one wonder what happened to that beautiful scent. For this post, I want to delve into some fragrance options for ladies to wear this spring. As always, I have linked out to or, for more information and ease of purchase.

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Poppy  by Coach– Poppy is a very popular fragrance so you won’t necessarily stand out from the bunch. However, it is a very nice and sweet fragrance that works well for the spring months. It has great versatility for almost any occasion. Light and fresh. Notes include: mandarin, cucumber, petals, freesia, jasmine, vanilla, and cedar wood. 


Spring Flower by Creed– A fruity perfume entry from Creed which blends together well with its floral notes. Some people don’t like the opening too much, but I think that most Creed fragrances are best after that initial period (Creed Aventus for men smells like lemon Pledge initially but works into a fantastic cologne). Spring Flower has been around since 1950 and spells class and luxury. Sample vial size available!


L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake–  Issey Miyake’s perfume is a soft and subtle scent that is beautifully constructed and really draws complements. It’s a very clean aroma and the floral notes are not overpowering in the least, again, everything with this fragrance is subtle.



Preppy Princess by Vera Wang– Warm blend of white florals and fruity notes. Preppy Princess, as the name suggests is probably best suited for the younger set. A good everyday wear which is fresh and energetic. Notes include: Tangerines, Apples, Red Berries, Coconuts, Jasmine, And Honeysuckle.


Very Irresistible by Givenchy– A rich and romantic scent that stands out from the pack. Highly feminine rose-based floral that can be worn for a night on the town or as a daily wear. Notes include: rose, peony, and musk. Sample vial size available!


Be Delicious by DKNY– Clean, casual, fresh, and alluring. A great choice for daily wear as it lasts for a long time and won’t offend the senses.  Lovely fruity perfume. Notes include: cucumber, white muguet, violet, magnolia, apple, grapefruit, tuberose, woods, rose.


The Beat by Burberry- The Beat adds woodsy notes to floral ones to create something energetic and youthful. It’s a unique scent in many ways, it’s woodsy notes add a bit of edge to it but they don’t come off as masculine or even heavy. This is still a soft fragrance but one which has a modern sensibility to it. Notes include:  bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper, mandarin, Ceylon tea, iris, white musk, vetiver, and cedar

the beat