Beyond by David Beckham Men’s Cologne Review

I have already reviewed multiple David Beckham fragrances for men on this site. For a line that hasn’t been in existence very long, it has already released quite a number of scents. Beckham colognes sell at a very attractive and inexpensive price point, which allows a greater number of people to try them out and not have to invest so much money to smell good. Today, I wanted to review one of the newer offerings from this line, called Beyond. In this post, I want to explore a bit on how it smells, how it performs, and whether or not it is worth consideration for purchase.



Notes include: grapefruit, cardamom, leather, mojito, vanilla, black pepper

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One of the main draws of Beyond is its mojito note. Now, this excited me, as one of my favorite colognes to wear is Guerlain Homme which features a mojito accord as its main notes as well. If Beckham Beyond could act as a cheaper substitute for Guerlain, I would be quite pleased. Unfortunately, the mojito feel in Beyond is completely subdued and not even close to being as good as Guerlain. You do get a sense of the mint but none of the rum or sugar. The opening is a woodsy blend with mint/leather/grapefruit providing a smooth and slightly spicy aroma.

During the drydown period, the cardamom/vanilla/black pepper becomes more noticeable and the mint become less prominent. Beyond does smell quite nice, however, it never really blows me away as a scent. It feels completely generic and uninteresting. It’s an enjoyable cologne but don’t expect anything unique or special.

Projection wise, Beyond is light to moderate. It isn’t a heavy hitter at all and feels like it’d be an everyday wear for casual situations. Longevity isn’t great either. I got 1.5-2 hours of solid performance before it became strictly a skin scent. This was just further disappointment, as it really failed to live up to my hopes of a cheap Guerlain alternative. and it offers nothing much that makes it stand out on its own.

Overall, can I rate Beyond a buy? Not really. I just don’t see the point of owning this Beckham cologne. It is pretty generic, though, it smells nice. It doesn’t even last long, so it doesn’t make up for its completely average scent. It is inexpensive but there are better Beckham options available and choices from other brands. Beyond is just a wasted effort in my opinion, if it had a little bit more intensity, it could be a serviceable cologne to wear at school or work…but it failed to even accomplish that.