Black Opium by YSL Ladies’ Perfume Review

In addition to the recent men’s cologne samples that I’ve gotten a hold of as of late, I also managed to pick up a lot of ladies fragrances, to give my review of. Today, is an entry from Yves Saint Laurent and is a flanker to the classic perfume Opium, Black Opium. As always, I want to give my thoughts on how the fragrance smells, performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not it is worth a purchase.


black opium perfume review

Notes include: coffee, vanilla, patchouli, pink pepper, orange blossom, cedar

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The opening of Black Opium is somewhat of a jumbled mess in my opinion. For the first 10 minutes or so, it feels like a very synthetic blend of vanilla, flowers, and a hint of cedar. However, despite this poor start, once it settled down Black Opium was quite a lovely experience.

This stuff is sweet, so if that’s not your bag, don’t bother with this one. The coffee note begins to emerge after the start and forms a lovely duo with the vanilla. I happen to really like coffee and vanilla (both in fragrance and in beverage form), so Black Opium appealed to my sensibilities. One thing that I definitely detect in this perfume is the pink pepper note, which reminds me of the men’s cologne, Guess Seductive Homme.

While this is another fragrance that uses the ‘Black’ title and isn’t all that dark in its presentation, I’ll give it a pass, since it seems to be a dark roast coffee at least. Black Opium is such a warm scent, that sort of envelopes you as you wear it, and the light floral notes in the background give it an added layer of complexity.

Projection wise, Black Opium is some pretty strong stuff. Honestly, a few sprays would do it. It also has good longevity, as I could detect it all day on my wrist. I also sprayed it and a few other ladies’ perfumes onto a sweatshirt a few days ago, and the Black Opium is still the strongest, whilst others have faded completely.

This is more of a fall and winter type of scent. It could absolutely be an everyday wear but also double as a date night kind of fragrance. It is actually quite sexy, and as a man, I can say that I would want to be closer to a woman who was wearing Black Opium.

Overall is it worth a buy? Maybe. While not the greatest thing I’ve ever smelled, Black Opium is still a very solid fragrance, that does smell very good. It’s not for everybody, especially not those who don’t enjoy sweet gourmand perfumes. However, as a popular mass market option, Black Opium will do the trick and could be a signature scent for some ladies.