Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf Ladies Perfume Review

I got a hold of a sample of Bonbon perfume for women and have tested out its candy-like fragrance over the past few days. This scent from Viktor & Rolf followed the ever popular, Flowerbomb, and while the two do share some similarities, the notes are different enough for them to be definitely distinct perfumes. In this post, I want to share my thoughts on how Bonbon smells, perfumes, when it should be worn, and if I think it is worth a purchase.


bonbon perfume review

Notes include: caramel, orange, peach, mandarin, amber, sandalwood, jasmine, orange blossom, and cedar

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My initial impression of Bonbon is of how bright, sweet, and delicious that it smells. The caramel is the main attraction here, so if that’s not your style, Bonbon isn’t the fragrance for you. However, I do love how it pairs with the orange and peach notes to create an underlying juiciness. It does have a somewhat similar opening to Black Opium because of the orange note and the sweetness of coffee in that one versus the caramel in Bonbon.

Some might think that Bonbon is too sweet of a perfume, but it really isn’t, in my opinion. I find it to be really appealing in how gourmand and pretty it smells. It is very creamy and feminine but maintains a youthful energy throughout. I sprayed some on my wrist and found its presence to be delightful, even though, I’m a guy and it’s completely out of place on me. The dry down is the best part in my opinion, when the amber note adds a bit of warmth to the caramel. Very nice.

Projection wise, it is good without being overpowering. I sprayed a shot of it on a sweatshirt about six feet away from me before I began writing this post and I can get that faint aroma of Bonbon from here. I might have to just use this sample as an air freshener, since I can’t really wear this perfume. Longevity is also really good, the night I sprayed it on my wrist, it stayed strong until I went to sleep and I could still faintly detect it the next morning.

Bonbon is an option for the cooler months of the year and is safe to wear to work or school. I don’t know that I’d call it sexy, but it is appealing, and I honestly would like smelling this on a woman. It is a more youthful scent but I don’t think it is quite as ‘girly’ as some of the Britney Spears fragrances or something along those lines. Bonbon feels a bit more mature, like in your twenties, instead of teens.

Is Bonbon worth a buy? Maybe. I actually find this perfume to be really attractive, but also understand that if you’re not a fan of the sweet scents, keep away from Bonbon. It’s not amazingly complex or sexy or mature but it does smell good. It can be pretty pricey, however, and that might be the biggest strike against it for some people. Is such a straightforward scent worth that much? That depends entirely you and your tastes.