Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss Cologne Review

I’ve done some Hugo Boss cologne reviews recently and even have few samples of this brand’s other scents on the way, so, I thought that it’d be a good idea before reviewing those to do one on Bottled Night. I had already included this in my best Hugo Boss fragrances for guys but never got around to writing up a review of this scent. I generally like most of the stuff that they put out (except Energise…) and have been wearing Hugo Red a lot this summer, so I’m a mood now to tackle Bottled Night. As usual, I’ll cover the scent’s smell, how it performs, when it can be worn, and whether or not it is worth a buy.


Notes include: African violet, birch leaves, musk, lavender, amarello wood

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The opening of Boss Bottled Night is somewhat of a surprise, in that, when looking at the container and the name you’d think you would be getting something quite dark and mysterious. However, what you find is a very clean scent powered by the lavender note and with a beautiful hint of floral provided by the African Violet. Add musk and you get an underlying warmth to go along with a masculine woodsy note.

One of the things that I really appreciate about Bottled Night is how unique it feels. Like, it is pretty simple and straightforward in how it plays out, but it really doesn’t smell like anything else I can think of in the world of cologne. It is a soft scent yet has a very nice ability to project itself.

Longevity wise, it is in the realm of average, which is weird since it does a good job of projecting. Six hours seems to be the demarcation point for Boss Bottled Night, after that it tends to fade. It is a versatile fragrance, I really can’t pin it down for a season, as I could see it working for multiple weather situations. It’s a fragrance that could go from the office to a night out on the town without much problem.

Overall, would I recommend it? Yes, it is definitely a very nice cologne and it unique smell only adds to its appeal. It isn’t very complex, clean/floral/musk, so you definitely know what you’re getting within a few minutes of wear. Boss Bottled Night does everything at least pretty well and is quite sexy for what it is. If you want something clean, simple, at a good price, then this should work out for you. If you don’t like violet or lavender that much, then avoid Bottled Night.