Boss Soul by Hugo Boss Cologne Review

So, even with all of the Hugo Boss fragrance reviews that I’ve done on this site so far, there are still many more on the market that I need to experience and write about. Some like Boss Soul, the subject of today’s post are scents that were released to the market over a decade ago (2005 in this case). This particular scent was acquired along with the other samples in the huge batch that I got recently, and so I needed to wear it around and give my thoughts about Soul.


Notes include: mandarin orange, anise, cardamom, vetiver, vanilla, tonka bean, amber, lavender, cinnamon

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The opening of Boss Soul is quite warm and smoky with a hint of orange, much like another Hugo Boss scent, Boss in Motionbut the orange is much weaker in this one while the cardamom takes the reins. It gives off a grown up vibe that’s clean and dressed up but not all together super serious with some spice to give it a kick.

After a few minutes, the lavender and anise note begin to poke through, and really establish themselves. This helps to give Soul a smoothness and fresh feeling, which gives it a distinct separation from the Boss In Motion comparison. It’s pretty subtle and the changes throughout its life cycle are as well.

The projection on Boss Soul is pretty weak but not awful, it might be considered a moderate, but nothing close to a monster. The longevity isn’t so great either, somewhere around 3-4 hours, is what I’ve gotten out of it.

I’d say this is a casual cologne, that can be worn out for short occasions, and it does smell good enough for a date too, I suppose. This would probably work best in the Fall through early Spring.

Overall, is Boss Soul worth a buy? Not really. I do like the way it smells, its fresh and quite masculine. However, it also can feel pretty bland and mixed with subpar performance, I don’t really see what place it would have in my own collection. The whole fragrance is just sort of plain and not good enough to justify a purchase.