Burberry Brit vs Burberry for Men Cologne Comparison

I really do enjoy Burberry’s lineup of men’s fragrances for casual wear (not Weekend, though). I’ve owned bottles of both Brit and Burberry for Men throughout the years and I always find myself going back and forth between them and Burberry London on autumn and winter days. So, in today’s cologne comparison I thought that I’d put two of these scents head to head and give my take on which one is the better buy. Which one lasts longer? Which one projects better? Which one is better smelling?



Brit Tale of the Tape

Notes include: wild roses, tonka bean, green mandarin, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cedar

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Burberry for Men Tale of the Tape

Notes include: mint, lavender, sandalwood, cedar, and  amber.

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Click here to try: BURBERRY for Men Eau de Toilette, 1.0 fl. oz



The opening of Burberry for Men is a smooth blast of cool mint blended with warm amber and a prominent cedar note. Meanwhile, Brit provides a slightly spicy ginger not combined with rose and tonka bean. Brit is fresh and already begins to develop its powdery air. To me, there really isn’t any separation during the opening sequence for each scent. They both start out very nicely and it mostly depends what mood I’m in when selecting between them.

Edge: Push



Both of these scents are rather moderate in how they project. I think Burberry for Men feels a little bit bolder based on the mint note while Brit is a softer and perhaps cleaner type of an experience. For that reason, I’ll give the nod to Burberry for Men but it isn’t a huge gap.

Edge: Burberry



Both have good performance in this category. However, I usually get better wear out of Brit despite it being a softer cologne. Burberry for men usually gets 6-7 hours while Brit is hovering around 8. Again, not a big difference but a bit of an edge.

Edge: Brit



Burberry for Men and Brit are both great and safe for casual everyday wear. I’ve worn both on dates but I’d say Burberry for Men is the sexier one between the two. Though, neither are really nightlife colognes. These are autumn/winter fragrances, so, don’t expect to wear either in the heat. I’d say Burberry for Men is best in fall and Brit is better in winter.

Edge: Push (maybe slight Burberry)


Overall Scent

Gahhhh, I really like both of these scents (as well as London). Burberry makes some very good everyday wear colognes for men. So, to me, it comes down to my particular mood that day. I’m going to go with Burberry for Men here, as it does slightly more than Brit in some regards. On the other hand, Brit is a great all around buy and it will work for most guys. If you like something more woodsy/masculine Burberry for Men is right in the middle between London (more masculine and woodsy) and Brit. Brit definitely has a softer green/powdery kind of scent, so if that’s not your thing go with Burberry for Men.

Winner: Burberry for Men (barely)