Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her Perfume Review

One of the remaining samples that I got in my last batch was a ladies’ perfume from Burberry, Brit Rhythm for Her. As such, I decided to give it a try and report back my testing results in the form of a product review. I recently review Burberry Body also and have done a list of the top Burberry fragrances for women. ¬†Does Brit Rhythm deserve a spot on the list? In this post, I want to explore what this perfume smells like, how it performs, and if I think it is worth a purchase.



brit rhythm for her review

Notes include: lavender, pink pepper, musk, vetiver, orris, blackberry leaf, woods, neroli

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My opening impression of Brit Rhythm is how much it strikes me as soapy or like a detergent type of smell. It is fresh and clean with some woods and spice thrown in. The lavender note seems to be the dominating force behind this fragrance, which gives it the usual smoothness and it is joined by musk for that warm spiciness. I also detect the pink pepper note and some type of wood lurking in the background.

This is kind of an odd scent to me, it is very linear in its scent but the aroma is kind of tough to explain. In the end, though, I just keep getting more and more lavender and I don’t particularly like it.

Projection wise, Brit Rhythm for her is pretty moderate. I’d say it’s safe to wear to work or school without any problems. It also does have really good longevity, like, all day in fact. It is a very casual fragrance and I wouldn’t call it sexy by any means, so you might want to consider something else for romantic wear. It’d work best during the cooler months of the year.

Overall, is Brit Rhythm worth a buy? To me, not unless you have a thing for lavender and musk. Otherwise, it’s pretty uneventful, and not that great of a scent. It performs well but I am almost completely indifferent towards the fragrance itself.