Burberry Brit Rhythm Cologne Review: An Inexpensive Performer

I am a fan of Burberry fragrances for everyday wear, especially for the younger crowd, as this design firm makes affordable choices which smell very good and perform well for many different occasions. Today, I want to focus on Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men. This is another addition to the great run of scents produced by Burberry, albeit one that might not enjoy very much esteem from niche fragrance collectors. In this post, I want to take a bit of a close look at Burberry Brit Rhythm and review its pros and cons.

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burberry rhythm

Notes include: basil, verbena, cardamom, juniper berries, leather



Brit Rhythm is a nice change of pace from many colognes that are geared more towards younger men. A lot of those types of scents are extremely sweet or fruity, which isn’t bad, but isn’t always what we want as guys to smell like. This isn’t to say that Burberry Brit Rhythm is wholly unique, but it does deliver a beautiful scent best suited for autumn and the early spring months. While I’m on the topic of its uniqueness, it does have similar qualities to fragrances such as Chanel Allure Homme Sport, Gucci Guilty, and Armani Code. Again, those are all great scents but Rhythm is available for a much cheaper price in most cases. This is a cologne which screams value.

The scent itself is masculine with its leathery notes but has an underlying energy which makes it both intriguing and attractive. Its aroma is fresh with a touch of sweetness, though, rooted in woodsy notes. An energetic outdoorsy smell, thanks to a cedar note.

Rhythm projects itself well and doesn’t overwhelm your own senses or that of those around you. It lasts fairly well also, I’d say 6-8 hours, which isn’t outstanding but works just fine for most guy’s purposes.  This fragrance is also a versatile one which can be worn out, at work, school, or anywhere really which boosts it higher in my book.

If you are looking for an inexpensive scent that is fresh, masculine, and great for everyday wear then I would say Burberry Brit Rhythm is definitely a solid option.Younger guys on a budget, could do a lot worse than this cologne, but this really is a good performer at this pricing point. Though, I admittedly enjoy the original Brit more. If you’re a guy who wants something really unique or a bit more advanced, there is plenty else out there.