Burberry London Cologne Review

British design house Burberry is famous for its distinctive check pattern and its long history of high fashion. One thing that this firm does extremely well is to create fantastic fragrances for men and women. One such fragrance is Burberry London. Burberry London was one of the first colognes that I bought while I was in college and it is one that I truly enjoy wearing. There have been plenty of colognes which I have worn since but I don’t think that any of them were as masculine in their essence as London. As such, I thought that I’d do another review and give my impressions on London. What it contains. How does it smell? How does it perform? Is it worth a purchase? Top Burberry Colognes

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Burberry London Notes:

bergamot, cinnamon, pepper, lavender, port, mimosa, moss, tobacco leaf, leather


What I love about London is its depth and complexity as a cologne. It’s notes blend together to create a sexy and masculine scent full of spice. It is a rich and full scent with plenty of character and woodsy charm. Tobacco is a major player here, it’s a rather sweet tobacco note which is a nice play off of the leather and cinnamon to give it something rather unique. Something that is a bit smokey and aged just right like a cask of whiskey.

London is a scent that is great for guys with a certain level of presence and maturity. The scent almost has a confidence of its own and if the man wearing it doesn’t, it almost seems in-congruent that he is wearing this cologne. The kind of comments that I get while wearing London are phrases like “That’s sexy”, “You smell really good”, or that it is “manly”. Many other colognes that have a spice to it like to blend that spice off of citrus based notes or only floral notes. London as you can see from the ingredients adds spice to woodsy scents as well as floral ones to help create a different take on spice.

In my opinion, Burberry London is a scent made for the Fall and Winter months, when the air is crisp and not weighed down by the humidity. I’ve always liked to wear it in the evenings but it works well in the daytime also. I think Burberry for Men is probably a more moderate option for the daily wear while London is a sexier bet. Like the other Burberry scents, this one is a moderate in how it projects and moderate in its longevity also. It lasts for a long time on fabric but on skin it’ll usually fall into the 6-8 hour range.

Overall, is Burberry London worth a purchase? I’d say yes. I love to alternate between this, Brit (London vs Brit), and Burberry for Men during the autumn and winter. London is the most masculine of the three scents and is for those who want something spicy/woodsy/refined and who happen to really enjoy the tobacco note and/or leather. I definitely fall into that camp and London has been close at hand in my collection for years.