Burberry London vs Brit Men’s Cologne Comparison

Here in yet another cologne comparison posts, I want to put two Burberry scents head to head, Brit and London. Now, I wear both of these colognes and enjoy both of them a lot. So, I do recommend both of them, but I want to break things down further to see what separates the two. Which one performs better? Which is sexier? What do they smell like? Which one is better overall?


Burberry London Tale of the Tape

Notes include: bergamot, cinnamon, pepper, lavender, port, mimosa, moss, tobacco leaf, leather


My original London Review

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Brit Tale of the Tape

Notes include: wild roses, tonka bean, green mandarin, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cedar

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London is a darker and much more masculine scent than is Brit. London features a sweet tobacco leaf note that blends with cinnamon, pepper, and leather for a spicy and smooth start. Brit on the other hand, is fresh and powdery with a hint of spice provided by the ginger note. Brit is much cleaner but I think that London is way more interesting and attention grabbing.

Edge: London



London is the heavier of the two scents. However, neither is really overpowering by any stretch. I’d say London is on the upper edge of moderate and Brit is softer. Both do their job and do it well, just because it’s softer doesn’t mean Brit is weak BUT I’d say London gets the edge.

Edge: London



Both sit in the 6-8 hour range for wear. There really isn’t an advantage between either to me in this category.

Edge: Push



Both of these colognes are in the autumn/winter wear category of men’s fragrances. I have worn both casually and on dates. I’d say that London is definitely sexier and more of a romantic cologne than is Brit. I’ll give London the edge because I think it is a better evening wear fragrance but again Brit isn’t bad by any means.

Edge: London



I honestly do love wearing both of these scents. As I said in the Burberry for Men vs Brit cologne comparison, I often will switch between these colognes depending on my mood.  Brit is a very good scent, I love its freshness and powdery/green aroma on cold winter days. London is just an interesting fragrance. It is spicy, woodsy, dark, and kind of boozy. London is the most masculine of the three while Brit is the softest. London won’t be for everybody and plenty of guys will enjoy the rose, tonka, and ginger notes of Brit but I’m going to give the edge to London.

Winner: London