Burberry London for Women Perfume Review

Burberry is a fragrance line that I roll pretty heavy with during the fall and winter months. Their men’s colognes, namely: Brit, Burberry for Men, and London are pretty fantastic when the weather cools down. The men’s version of London is a sweet tobacco and woodsy scent that even some women like to wear. As such, I was curious as to how the ladies perfume version of London would stack up and if there were any similarities. Well, the two are wholly different in their contents and characters and this perfume is definitely a much more feminine type of scent. In this post, I want to overview how it smells, how London performs, when it should be worn, how it compares to other Burberry offerings, and whether or not it is worth a purchase.


Notes include: rose, jasmine, peony, tangerine, honeysuckle, musk, sandalwood, Tahitian flower

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My first impression of London was how dominant of a floral perfume it was. I immediately get the rose and honeysuckle notes as the main force of the opening. Rose can be hit or miss for me, I like it in something such as Declaration d’un Soir for men but find it kind of overwhelming in Bond No 9’s perfume, Broadway Nite. In London, I feel that the rose note is just right and actually kind of pleasant. Accompanying the floral notes is tangerine, which supplies a juicy citrus element to this fragrance that I think gives it an extra bit of mystique.

The citrus sweetness of the tangerine stays with the scent in a support role but the main attraction is the array of floral notes which goes on to include jasmine and peony, as the perfume develops. The jasmine note becomes particularly noticeable to me after 10-15 minutes or so. To me, it seems that the jasmine starts to overtake the rose and provides London with a very fresh type of aroma. It’s all slightly powdery and almost a green/herbal scent in the undertones. Don’t get me wrong, this is a floral scent all the way but there is a warm musky spice and earthy sandalwood note giving London more body.

Projection wise, this is a very well performing scent. It isn’t really ‘heavy’ but it can be loud. A few sprays should be enough for anybody. Longevity on this perfume is absolutely fantastic. It is a great casual, all-day type of wear, that doesn’t quit after a few hours. 8+ hours should be achieved with almost every wear and most likely more than that. I like this as an autumn/winter perfume. It might work decently in the summer but the heat could tear it apart pretty good.

Overall, is London worth a buy? I’d say yes, if florals are your type of fragrance. I like this somewhat better than Burberry Body (which was pretty good: see the comparison) and way better than the completely bland Brit Rhythm. The tangerine in London is nicer than the peach in Body. London is a classy and delicious scent for ladies who like to dress the part. It performs well, smells great, and is suitable as an everyday wear.