Bvlgari Aqva vs Aqva Marine Cologne Comparison

Alright, when dealing with flanker fragrances, there can often be a lot of overlap (by design) between two scents. Sometimes, a designer will go completely in another direction, and a new iteration of a scent will smell completely different than its predecessor. Bvlgari’s Aqva line, takes the former route. This is especially true with Aqva Pour Homme and Aqva Marine, these two are very close relatives of one another. However, which one smells better? In this post, I am going to compare these Bvlgari fragrances and try to separate a winner.


Tale of the Tape


Notes include: mandarin, seaweed, cedar, orange, lavender, petitgrain

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Aqva Marine

Notes include: grapefruit, seaweed, neroli, cedar, rosemary, mandarin

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The opening of the original Aqva Pour Homme, is a mix of the orange, cedar, and seaweed notes. This is when you’re going to get the most citrus-y aroma of the bottle before it moves on into a more salty aquatic. This period lasts for 10-15 minutes on my skin.  Aqva Marine, on the other hand, starts off with a citrus blend of orange and grapefruit. The seaweed note is ever present but the cedar doesn’t seem to be as strong in Aqva Marine.  It really comes down to which you prefer, more or less citrus, but neither opening aroma lasts long at all.

Edge: (Slight) Aqva



Both are about the same, in my opinion. These aren’t super strong colognes but do have strong starts and stay noticeable for a good amount of time.

Edge: Push



Again, we are dealing with extremely similar creatures here. Five or maybe six hours is about all you should expect from either Aqva scent. Both are just okay, in this regard.

Edge: Push



To me, they are both casual summertime fragrances, that I would prefer to wear out and about versus the office. These aquatics are good to wear when the heat and humidity is up during the summer or when you live in a year-round tropical climate. Not any distinction here.

Edge: Push


Overall Scent

There is really so much similarity between these two but there is just enough distinction to set them apart. Aqva will deliver a salty marine blend of lavender and cedar, with the orange notes eventually fading into the background. You will get a strong orange opening which transitions into a much softer smooth marine/woody aroma.

Aqva Marine has a different citrus edge to it. It is much more oceanic in my opinion, with a watery saltiness to go along with the seaweed. The cedar is scaled back and there is a slight floral scent provided by the neroli.

If you want more of the oceanic scent, go with Aqva Marine.

I personally like the blend of the original Aqva Pour Homme a bit more than its flanker fragrance. The difference isn’t dramatic but I do have a preference and I go with that as the top dawg.

Winner: Aqva Pour Homme