Bvlgari Blv Men’s Cologne Review

In my long list of men’s fragrance reviews on this site, I have already tackled one Bvlgari cologne, and today I’d like to turn my attention to another, Blv. Blv is a casual scent for men released back in 2001 and like other scents from the brand, it is both affordable and has a really specific aroma that separates it from many other offerings. Is that enough to make Blv a buy? How does it perform? What’s it smell like? Please continue reading below for my take on Blv.



Notes include: sandalwood, juniper berries, cedar, ginger, cardamom

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Blv upon its opening strikes me as a rather unique scent for something that is a mainstream daily wear fragrance. It’s slightly sweet/citrus with an overtone of spice provided by the ginger note. Behind all that, sits a woodsy and fresh aroma that is down right pleasant. Blv in many regards is almost a perfect casual scent.

With Blv I get the same ‘dry’ type of scent that I do with Bvlgari Man, except more of a clean/powdery smell than that one. In fact, Blv leans more towards the unisex side of fragrances, not that it’s really all that feminine but women could definitely pull this one off if they wanted to. It’s quite a subtle scent, that isn’t too complex in that it doesn’t change all that much from the first 15 minutes of wear.

In terms of longevity, it’ll get a solid 6 hours and maybe more depending on the conditions its being worn in. It’s not a projection beast, as I said, it’s subtle. That isn’t a bad thing in this case, as it begs to be worn during the daytime as an office/school wear.

Is Blvgari Blv worth a purchase? Fragrance wise, yes, it smells really nice. However, it will completely depend on your style and what your needs are. Not too much of a date night fragrance or one that will command attention (although it will draw complements). It’s a pretty unique scent that isn’t offensive and does its job well.