Bvlgari Man Cologne Review

Since I’m doing a whole slew of new cologne reviews on the site , I figured I’d take some time and do one on a Bvlgari fragrance. In this post, I’m going to be taking a closer look at Bvlgari Man. It’s a woodsy/green type of fragrance which I tend to either love or hate. What are some of the notes in Bvlgari Man? How does it smell? How does it perform? Is it worth a buy? Please read on for my full review of this cologne.


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Notes include: Lotus, bergamot, vetiver, honey, violet, woods, musk

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With a name like Man, you expect this Bvlgari scent to be something masculine and confident, and on that accord this cologne delivers. The opening is very refined and fresh. I’m not completely blown away by it but it certainly smells very good as well as being quite crisp and clean. Man does have a slight smokiness to it maybe from the vetiver? But then there is also a warm, woodsy, sweetness to it provided by the honey and musk.

What this scent does right is provide an appealing if sort of generic aroma which would probably work very well in an office type environment. I would say late 20s through 30s would be best served by wearing this. I want to say, I truly do enjoy this cologne, when it settles in Man becomes so damn good. However, like some of my other favorites, this one does have longevity and projection issues. It isn’t a big time in your face scent to begin with but it could’ve at least made up for it with some longevity. It doesn’t last nearly as long as I’d like and it falls quickly into a skin scent. If you spray more than you usually would it can be serviceable.

Overall, would I rate this a buy? It’s fantastic for what it is, it just doesn’t last. It’s really a shame because I could envision me wearing this as a casual fragrance on a regular basis if it just projected itself better and lasted longer. I might have suggested going with Bvlgari Man Extreme but that seems to be a completely different fragrance.