Chez Bond by Bond No. 9 Review

Getting further into my Bond No. 9 fragrance reviews, I’m going to take a closer look at Chez Bond, one of the more popular men’s scents from the brand. In this post, I will present what it contains, what it smells like, how it performs, and whether or not I think it is worth a purchase.


Notes include: sandalwood, tea, citrus, cedar, leafy greens, violet leaf, vetiver

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All right, I’m first going to address the similarities that this fragrance has with others. Notably, Green Irish Tweed. Yes, these two are quite a bit alike, and share many of the same notes. Also, Riverside Drive by Bond No. 9 is quite similar to GIT and L’Homme Libre. So much overlap.

Between the two, I think that Chez Bond has a much smoother aroma, and more of the tea element. Yes, it is quite a bit like a lemon herbal tea with greens and violet leaf. I don’t know, GIT always came across as having a more earthy quality to it, while Chez Bond is more airy and warm.

As it dries down, I still get the tea but less of the citrus notes, and its ups the content of the sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar.  It is a lush green forest  just a way’s away while your standing outside with a cup of hot herbal tea. Is that odd? Maybe. However, it is also quite nice.

Projection wise, Chez Bond is pretty soft to moderate. It isn’t an overwhelming projection beast, by any means. But, it does have good longevity, it pops up and reminds you that it is still there for 8-9+ hours depending on the day. Very nice performance.

This stuff doesn’t remind me of a crisp fall or winter day. More like a cloudy/rainy one. Yes, I would say that it’s best during that time of the year and into the springtime. Summer, I’d go with something else. Chez Bond is a good casual cologne. It is refined and stylish, probably best for men in their mid-20s and up. I wouldn’t call this a romantic or sexy scent, it is just pleasant, and definitely not a club beast.

Overall, would I recommend Chez Bond? Yes, provided that it fits your style. If you’re a fan of Green Irish Tweed, this one will be a scent that you enjoy. I personally like it but it really doesn’t go along with my tastes, there is a lot that I’d rather wear instead. That’s not to say it’s bad, it isn’t, and it’s a well blended fragrance. Just not my thing, per se.