CK One Review: A Look at the Unisex Fragrance by Calvin Klein

In the late 1980s through the mid 1990s, there were few bigger names in popular fashion than Calvin Klein. From the famous jeans advertisements, to the black and white fragrance commercials which stirred up some controversy, CK had  created quite a brand. The thing is that the line of scents for men and women is still highly popular today, as they are always among the best sellers at any online retailer. Perhaps the most popular of all is one of the unisex fragrances, CK One. In this post, I want to give a brief overview of this scent and my opinion on it as well.

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ck one

Notes: papaya,pineapple and jasmine. green tea and amber

Current 1.7 oz price: $22.99

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As a unisex fragrance, CK One had to tiptoe the line between being too masculine and too feminine in the risk of alienating one gender or the other of its customer base. It just so happens that they accomplished, almost perfectly, a scent which would appeal to both and enjoy massive popularity. This is what makes CK One such a great starter fragrance or inexpensive every day wearer, its universality. It can be put on and enjoyed by almost anyone.

Its notes are a blend of fruit and more earthy or woodsy ones. However, CK One doesn’t have a heavy or rugged aroma to it, it is clean and warm instead. The papaya and pineapple help to give this scent a light sweetness, which I think plays a major part in its appeal.

One thing that I really like about CK One, is that even after 20 years since its release, its still feels modern and fresh. It really hasn’t lost its luster to me. The notes just give off this crisp energy which invigorates your senses and gathers complements from those around you. Again, this is not a niche fragrance, which will be a unique find or only some people will enjoy but that doesn’t make a bad scent, it is a best-seller for a reason.

Overall, CK One is a great scent for those on a tight budget, those who want a versatile everyday wearer, those who like clean and energetic scents that aren’t too manly or too girly, and those who just appreciate a good fragrance.