CK One vs Eternity by Calvin Klein Fragrance Comparison

Today’s comparison is between two mega hits from the Calvin Klein collection, Eternity and CK One. Eternity for Men is a cologne while One is a unisex scent that became wildly popular in the 1990s. In this post, I want to see which one performs better, which one is more versatile, which one smells better, and which one is more worth a buy? Read below for the head to head breakdown.



CK One Tale of the Tape

Notes: papaya,pineapple and jasmine. green tea and amber

ck one

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Eternity Tale of the Tape


Notes include: lavender, mandarin, basil, jasmine, sage, sandalwood, amber, rosewood, vetiver, geranium

Eternity for Men Review

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The opening of Eternity for Men is a clean/soapy lavender based scent with hints of the sandalwood and jasmine. CK One is also very fresh and clean but instead utilizes the citrus, pineapple, and green floral notes to create a light yet quite attractive aroma. Eternity is supported by citrus notes and has more of a dry spice to it. I think that Eternity is much more interesting than CK One.

Edge: Eternity



CK One is a light to moderate type of fragrance. It isn’t a beast but it isn’t completely weak. Eternity, is a moderate cologne but has fairly good projection. It won’t take over the room but it is stronger than One.

Edge: Eternity



Neither fragrance is an amazing, all-day type of scent. I’d say both give about 5-7 hours of wear before dying down. No real advantage.

Edge: Push



Being a unisex fragrance, CK One seems to have more versatility since it can be worn by both men and women. Both of these scents are built for spring and summer but Eternity works well in the autumn too. These are casual fragrances which are safe for work and school. Neither is a ‘romantic’ type of fragrance.

Edge: Push


Overall Scent

So, it comes down to whether or not you want something that is more green/dry/soapy/spicy in Eternity for Men or you want something light a more fruity. Both scents are pretty simple and linear and I personally like wearing Eternity for Men more than CK One, as it’s just more my style. Plus, I think it has a slightly better performance profile.

Winner: Eternity