Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne Cologne Review

The other day, I published my list of the best Liz Claiborne fragrances for men. One of the scents that I left off the list was Claiborne Sport, despite the fact that I used to have a bottle and it was my first experience with the Claiborne line. In this post, I thought that I would take a closer look at Claiborne Sport and whether or not it is worth a buy, even if it was left off the list of top scents by the brand.





Notes include: ginger, morning dew, cedar, lavender, amber

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One of the first colognes that I ever received, was a bottle of Claiborne Sport. It must have been during my first years of high school when I would occasionally wear this fragrance to class in the morning. The first thing that I’ve always noticed about this fragrance was its strong opening. It has an earthy/green scent laden with a musky spice. Now, it isn’t an overwhelming scent by any means, but it does start off with a strong note.

This is a sport cologne, so it of course has that sporty and active vibe to it. It’s clean and has an energy about it that many other fragrances do not. Claiborne Sport is a bright sort of cologne but it doesn’t really stand out in my opinion. It is rather generic in its presentation, though, it does seem to get smoother and less spicy as it develops.

Longevity and projection were always average in my experience. This isn’t an all day affair and you should probably expect to get 4-6 hours out of it, with the last two being fairly weak. On the plus side, like all Claiborne scents, Sport is very inexpensive so it should present no problems having to re-spray once it begins to fade.

Overall, do I like this scent? Eh, it was always just alright to me. Even when it was my only bottle of cologne, I still didn’t choose to wear it that often. It seemed a bit too musky or synthetic for my tastes at times and I was never really in a rush to spray some on me. It’s not a terrible fragrance in my opinion, it just is average at a really cheap price point. However, there are better options for the money and even more in the Claiborne family of colognes.