Best Colognes for a Night Out: Evening Wear Fragrances for Men

Like many other fashion accessories men’s fragrances have uses that are applicable to only certain times of year and places you visit. For instance, wearing a certain eau de toilette at work may not go over well with your clients or co-workers but the same scent for a night out on the town would prove quite seductive for the ladies. There are however, plenty of scents that balance between work and play and provide a man versatility to smell great in all circumstances. The following list of colognes consist of what I feel are the top colognes for evening wear, especially at hangouts such as bars and clubs. Some on the list will be specifically tailored for those places while others will offer the aforementioned versatility.


Higher Energy by Christian Dior– This highly sensual fragrance from the house of Dior, has an energetic spice to it that is very pleasing to the senses. Higher Energy is a scent that isn’t too heavy but does allow for use in multiple venues and situations. Higher Energy Review

Bvlgari Extreme– A woody eau de toilette with a touch of oriental spice to it. This is a nightlife fragrance through and through, sexy and masculine. Best Bvlgari Colognes

Joop!– A classic from the late 1980s that remains popular to this day. On the more inexpensive side but still delivers a great fragrance for those nights out. Joop! Review

La Nuit De L’homme by YSL– I love colognes from Yves Saint Laurent and this is amongst the best. A pretty unique fragrance, that not too many guys wear, so this could be a good bet for a signature scent. Long lasting and an all-around fantastic smell. Top YSL Scents

Euphoria by Calvin Klein– Women seem to enjoy this scent by Calvin Klein. Many of Klein’s fragrances are unisex and while there is a Euphoria for women also, this one is just right for men.

Gucci Guilty– Gucci has made some amazing scents for both men and women over the years. Guilty is a response to the popularity of the female edition with the same name. Notes include lemon and orange blossom but settle into a unique and sensual experience.

Dirty English by Juicy Couture– A charismatic aroma that might not be for all tastes but definitely one that is unique and will capture positive attention. Dirty English Review

Givenchy Play Intense– You may have seen advertisements for this cologne featuring Justin Timberlake but beyond just the promotion of Play Intense hides a remarkable fragrance for the nightlife.

Perry Ellis 360 Red– An inexpensive fragrance that delivers an aroma that rivals the more expensive designer options. Great for younger guys.

Arrogant by English Laundry– Yeah, the name is quite to the point, isn’t it? Don’t let that hold you back from trying this one out because it is a great smelling cologne. Lots of complements with this one.

There you have it, a sampling of the best colognes for a night out. Going out provides men with an opportunity to use a more unique scent that exudes sexuality and will attract the opposite sex. By no means is this meant to be a complete list, however, choosing any of the colognes on this list won’t steer you too wrong because they all have established track records with many satisfied customers.

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