Best Cologne for Men 2014: Top Smelling Fragrances

Style comes in many forms and can be expressed through a variety of senses. Visually, clothes are said to make the man. A great hair cut and a confident walk can go a long way towards how others perceive you. Scent is a very special sense for us humans because it can repel as easily as it can attract and if a man has the right fragrance he will be attracting a whole lot. Cologne is a fashion accessory and makes a statement about your style as a man, which can cause problems, if you are making the wrong statement with a terrible cologne. Never to fear, if you need help choosing the best cologne for you, this list will help to point you in the right direction as there are several choices in various types and price ranges. Each scent is either linked out to or, which I have found to be the two  top choices to buy fragrances online.

Best Colognes for Men


Creed Aventus (Available at Fragrancenet) Creed (My Review) is a standard in the fragrance world and always seems to develop amazing scents which are both unique and fairly exclusive. Creed started out as a fragrance maker for the royal courts of Europe well before the last few centuries. Aventus is one of the best colognes that Creed has produced with ingredients of jasmine, French Apples, black currant, and Italian bergamot.  Aventus is a pricey choice but well worth the investment for those who have the means. Here is a complete list of the best Creed scents for men.


La Nuit De L’HommeThis Yves Saint Laurent fragrance features notes of lavender, bergamot, and cedar. It is somewhat sweet smelling with a long-lasting aroma. Here are the top YSL Colognes for Men




Jean Paul Gaultier– This cologne enjoys almost universal appeal and has done so since its release. It is fresh, clean, warm, and very sexy.

jean paul

Givenchy Play Intense A newer entry to the world of colognes but one that has had an immediate impact. This scent screams masculinity but can be a bit overpowering if too much is worn.

play intense

Versace Man– An elegant and sophisticated scent which is fantastic for a night out on the town. There are some floral notes but this one is definitely for men.

versace man

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch– This one is a fantastic choice for younger guys as it seems to make the girls go crazy whenever it’s worn. It can be somewhat pricey compared to some of the other choice but it is a really nice fragrance.


Opium Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent– Has a spicy scent profile but settles nicely into a sort of vanilla fragrance that receives plenty of complements. It’s a rather mature cologne. (My Review of Opium)


Burberry Touch– Burberry has a list of fantastic scents for both men and women but this one might be the best of the bunch. Here are the rest of the best of Burberry.

burberry touch m


Dreamer by Versace– A powerful and amazing fragrance by Versace. It has a fresh sweet smell with notes of spice to give it that extra seductive kick. One the ladies enjoy.


Armani Code This scent from Armani is clean and refined with a fantastic smell that doesn’t linger but will be remembered.



Polo Red– A newer release from Ralph Lauren but one that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Polo Red is a great cologne that is versatile enough to wear during any ocassion. It doesn’t overpower but it highly seductive. Here are the top 7 Polo Fragrances


The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana– At least one Dolce had to make the list, I also enjoy Light Blue from D&G. This is one of my favorite colognes because it is sexy and not overpowering.


L’Instant De Guerlain– Not as well known as some of the other scents on this list but this really is a great one. This is a warm fragrance with citrus notes, which makes it an excellent choice for those clear days during summer and spring. However, it can also be worn to great effect during a night out. Possible signature scent for the right kind of guy.

l'instant guerlain

Bvlgari Pour Homme– A woody scent which is refreshing and masculine. Notes of musk, rosewood, and pepper.

bvlgari homme


This is by no means an exhaustive and complete list, as there are many other great scents out there. However, I think that each of these colognes will be a great choice and won’t disappoint. There are of course, different tastes and styles so it is of course advisable to select one which fits well with your own personal tastes.