Best Contiki Europe Tours for Summer 2015: Top 5 Euro Vacations

It has been a desire of mine, for a long time, to visit Europe but I have never pursued the opportunity because I either thought it was out of reach financially or that I couldn’t take time off of work to make it happen. This summer, I have decided to make it happen, and will most likely book a European tour (or two) through Contiki, which caters to the 18-35 crowd. What’s so appealing about this option for me, is that I can actually afford to pursue these trips through Contiki and that I don’t have to try and convince friends or family to come with me, as I can explore different countries with groups of people around my own age. I have been researching the vacation options for the past few weeks and I wanted to share what I feel are 5 of the best Contiki Europe tours for Summer 2015. Now, there are tons of available options beyond this, for every type of traveler and price range so explore their website to see what strikes your fancy.

Croatian Island Escape– I don’t think many Americans are aware of the beauty of the Dalmatian coast or that such a place even exists (Ooooh, that’s the dog with the spots, right?). My first entry on this list isn’t a usual high energy or backpacker’s trip through the European continent, rather, it is a 9 day cruise along the Croatian coastline. Visit Havar, Split, Dubrovnik, while sailing on a boat through the Adriatic Sea. Seems like a relaxing vacation on its own merits or one to tack onto a longer Contiki tour.

Mediterranean Highlights– You can choose to start your trip in either Rome or Madrid. From Rome, you will head north through Italy and into Monaco, the south of France, and finally over to Spain. This trip hugs the coastline of France, where you will visit the Riviera and when you get to Spain, hit up both Barcelona and Madrid. ┬áThis trip is 13 days long and looks to be worth it all.

Amsterdam to Barcelona– Starting in Amsterdam, you then head to Paris, and on through Switzerland and Northern Italy. Then you swing back into France seeing the French Riviera and then end the Trip in Barcelona. This is an easy pace trip, so you will get to see plenty on the road to Barcelona. Amsterdam, Paris, the south of France, and Barcelona are all on my list and this trip satisfies them all.

Road to Athens plus 10 Day Greek Island Hopping– Yeah, so, 28 days in Europe over the summer would be insane. Add to the fact that the last 10 days are spent cruising around the island and this tour is like a dream.

Spanish Spree- Maybe you’re the type that wants to get a bit more in-depth with one country, in this case it’s Spain. Two weeks exploring Spain from Madrid, to Pamplona, to the end in Ibiza. This vacation allows you to really get to know a culture and place much better than spending a few days passing through half of the continent.