Creed Aventus Review

As I have written before in my post about the best smelling Creed fragrances for men, it is a long and storied luxury fragrance house which dates back to England in 1760. Creed created fragrances for Kings, Queens, Emperors, Czars, and other assorted royal figureheads. Its line of fragrances are some of the best in the world and also some of the most expensive to boot. One of Creed’s most popular and top smelling fragrances for men is called Aventus. It is unique, masculine, and refreshing. Even the bottle it comes in looks cool. It’s almost reminiscent of a pirates flag, aesthetically.

Creed Aventus Creed 4 OZ Millesime Spray For Men
Due to the fact that it had been a while since I’ve smelled Aventus, I decided to pick myself up a sample size in order to do a review on this fragrance. (Here is my latest Creed review: Green Irish Tweed)

creed aventus

Notes of Creed Aventus: 

Top: Blackcurrant,Italian bergamot, French apples and pineapple

Middle: Rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli

Base Notes: musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla.

The first thing I notice about Aventus when it comes straight out of the bottle is the initial intensity of the pineapple and the woodsy scent that accompanies it. Colognes change over time, some more than others, and Aventus is one which you definitely cannot judge right out of the bottle because it is highly layered and complex.

The next wave dulls down the strength of the pineapple note and gives it a nice, sweet scent, which is less fruity and more like a candy aroma.  It is interesting how Aventus shifts from quite an aquatic or fruity scent and settles down into a woodsy/leathery fragrance with a great blend of sweetness.

Creed Aventus vs. Green Irish Tweed Fragrance Comparison

Creed Aventus is a long lasting fragrance. When I gave it a trial run during the past few days, it stayed with me while I was at work all day and into the evening. It isn’t overpowering but it also isn’t a fragrance that needs very much to be potent. Don’t go overboard, as always, because it really isn’t necessary with this cologne. While it is late summer now, I don’t find this to be a great fragrance for summer overall. I like it, but I feel it would be best used in the winter to early spring months. In the heat and humidity, I feel that it doesn’t hold up in the same way, it can be fine inside with air conditioning but when outdoors it loses much of its charm (another Creed option for summer is Imperial Millesime).