Creed Aventus vs Virgin Island Water Cologne Comparison

In this edition of the cologne comparisons, I’m going to take a closer look at two Creed scents, that I’ve already reviewed on the site: Aventus and Virgin Island Water. How does VIW stand up against the ever popular, Creed Aventus? Which of these scents smells better? Gives better performance? Please continue below for my full take.



Tale of the Tape

Virgin Island Water

Notes include: bergamot, lime, rum, sugar cane, coconut, ylang-ylang, and ginger

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Creed Aventus

Notes of Creed Aventus: 

Top: Blackcurrant,Italian bergamot, French apples and pineapple

Middle: Rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli

Base Notes: musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla.

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Virgin Island Water strikes an early victory in how these two scents open. The initial blast of VIW is a blend of lime, bergamot, and the coconut note. I honestly think that this is a fantastic tropical aroma that really draws you in. Aventus on the other hand, opens with a really harsh aroma, that I’ve always compared to Lemon Pine Sol (yes, the floor cleaner)…thankfully, it gets much better after that. In fact, after the initial bit, the bergamot note shared by the two scents is near identical and really great.

However, just comparing the opening act of each fragrance, I’ve got to go with VIW.

Edge: VIW



Virgin Island Water isn’t a strong scent, it’s pretty moderate all around. Don’t expect a monster. Aventus is strong and rather bold but isn’t insanely overpowering. It is, however, much stronger than Virgin Island Water and gets the edge here.

Edge: Aventus



VIW is completely borderline on having poor longevity and just okay. It depends on the day, but I’ve always gotten 4-6 of wear out of it. Not great and one would expect more at the price point.

Aventus, will get 7 hours as a minimum and usually in the 8-9 hour range. Solid performer.

Edge: Aventus



Aventus is more of a year round kind of scent, though, it isn’t great in the high heat, in my experience. It can be worn casually, on a date, at work, or for a night on the town. Aventus is a very well-balanced cologne in this regard.

VIW has it’s versatility in the fact that it is a unisex scent. However, it’s almost strictly casual and actually shines in the summer heat. Sure, you could include spring, but unless you live in the tropics…it’s stuck in one season for wear.

Edge: Aventus


Overall Scent

I really like the opening of VIW, it’s nice, and reminds me of being at the beach. As it moves along, it becomes much more coconut dominant and takes on the suntan lotion aroma, which is still good but not as much as the opening. It’s performance is also not amazing and it has a limited use. It’s more of a niche fragrance or one you’d use only at specific times of the year.

Aventus, I’ve never liked the opening BUT it does get much better. It gives good performance and the citrus-laden blend really starts to take off after that. There’s a reason why it’s so highly regarded. I still enjoy Aventus, even if, I’m rather fatigued of smelling it.

Between the two, the choice is Aventus, unless you’re looking for that specific summertime scent.

Winner: Aventus