Creed Erolfa Men’s Cologne Review

I have several more cologne reviews on the way within the next week or so. However, before I got to those I wanted to do one on the last Creed fragrance I sampled while visiting their boutique in Las Vegas, named Erolfa. Yes, it’s an odd name but it’s taken from the letters of the names of the Creed family. I had never encountered this particular Creed scent before trying it out on my vacation, so, I came at it with no real expectations of performance or smell. Also, I want to keep in mind that I only got to wear this the one time, so I am reviewing it based on my impressions during that wear…perhaps, I would’ve changed my mind with a little bit more time. This cologne is in the aquatic/marine end of things and as such I was interested in giving it a whirl in the desert heat.


Notes include: bergamot, ambergris, lime, melon, orange, violet, ginger, coriander, pepper, sandalwood, musk, amber, cedar

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The opening of Erolfa is mainly a citrus affair. The lime, melon, and bergamot really stand out in the start which reminds me of pieces of other Creed fragrances such as Imperial, Virgin Island Water, and Silver Mountain Water. Now, it isn’t wholly similar to any of them, just vague reminders from these opening notes. I rather enjoy the opening that is a citrus blended with saltier notes which replicate the air of the sea, sort of like Acqua di Gio Profumo.

I think that Creed has done a really good job at creating a summertime fragrance that is so reminiscent of spending time on the water. It is fresh, bright, with a clean, quasi-soapy aroma to it. Mostly what I get from this scent, beyond the citrus opening, is a slightly spicy/woody undertone with that prominent saltiness that hangs in the air. The musk, ambergris, cedar, and sandalwood are the notes which stood out the most to my nose. The citrus stays throughout but it does weaken as time moves on and these other ingredients begin to shine.

Projection wise, Erolfa is honestly pretty moderate. It isn’t really a heavy hitter in that regard, decent but nothing to write home about either. Longevity, I don’t know if it was just that one test I did or if it has problems, but I got a little more than 4 hours out of Erolfa. This is disappointing when compared to other Creed scents but then again it might have just been a one time thing.

I’d definitely say that Erolfa is a warm weather or summertime scent. I couldn’t see myself wearing this at any other time of the year. It just captures that kind of atmosphere. Erolfa seems more of a casual daytime wear more than anything. It smells nice but it isn’t a date night or club wear by any means. Not really a sexy cologne.

Overall, is Erolfa worth a buy? To me, I don’t think so. I like it but I was never blown away by it and I think there are not only better Creed colognes but also better seaside aquatics out there for cheaper. Erolfa didn’t really wow me with its performance and while it’s pretty nice, I don’t want to spend that kind of cash for something that isn’t remarkable. If you need to add to your Creed collection, then, by all means have at it. Anyone else, should probably look elsewhere.